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Our Promise

Diversity and Inclusion

As a woman, veteran, and minority-owned company – our goal is to strive for diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We pay attention to our policies and processes, to include those of our clients. We work with our partners so that we have inclusive job descriptions and write postings in a way that attracts a broad pool of diverse candidates. By making diversity and inclusion one of our top priorities at DeSanti, we initiate an environment where diverse perspectives and backgrounds create a stronger and more innovative workplace that delivers exceptional results. Additionally, through our Vets for Hire program, we are able to attract Veterans and provide them employment opportunities within our network of Veteran friendly partners.

Core Values

Partnering for Success & Making a difference in our communities.







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Our Green Environmental Policy

Environmental impact and continually improve our environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy and operating procedures. Due to the nature of our business, we want to focus on reducing our company’s carbon footprint and reducing waste.

We seek to understand the effects our business activities have on the environment by supporting initiatives such as:

Reduction of material, water and energy consumption

As a service business, our environmental footprint is relatively small. When choosing our offices, we consider important factors like proximity to public transportation to minimize vehicles on the road and the time taken to drive to work.

Business Processes

We embrace technology and encourage employees to meet online through Zoom/Facetime/Skype to reduce travel, cost and time
By having a majority of our employees work from home, DeSanti is able to save greenhouse gas emissions by taking passenger vehicles off of the road.

Waste minimization

Through the use of online platforms, documents including contracts and onboarding paperwork are completed digitally to reduce our paper waste almost completely.


When the use of paper is absolutely necessary, DeSanti only uses 100% recycled copy paper.

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